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Suppressors / Silencers for New York State

We are the registered manufacturer of the ATT-Tactical™ Brand of Suppressors and Suppressed Weapons
for Military and Agency Sales
These units are exclusive to us and are not available to non-governmental entities
We manufacture Durable & Non-Durable systems


We are also a stocking Distributor for Law Enforcement Agencies & Individual Officers
exempt from the prohibitions of possession
(Occupational Exemption as detailed under §265.20 of the Penal Law of the State of New York)
Surefire Silencerco Gemtech Yankee Hill Machine
Agency Sales: Require an official Purchase Order bearing the Employer Identification Number of the agency
Silencer Shop  Silencer Shop
Individual Officer Sales & Transfers for Police & Peace Officers of New York State

Thanks to the advent of ATF Revenue Ruling 41F, as of July 15th of 2016, if state law recognizes your occupation as ‘exempt’ from the prohibition of possession of “Instruments” as defined in NYS PL §265.20(a)(1)(a)(b)(c)(d) which includes those detailed as “Qualified Law Enforcement” under NYS CPL §2.10 that are granted their enforcement powers under NYS CPL§2.20, you are able to take advantage of said ‘Exemption’ to accept transfer and possess a Suppressor / Silencer.

Remember though, your exemption under NYS Law expires the day you retire. You should make arrangements to continue to possess in compliance with state law or remove your suppressor from this state to one where possession by a citizen of that state is unrestricted as it is here.

We are a Sales Partner with Silencer Shop / Hill County Class 3 LLC. and this way our customers have access to several dozen manufacturers, the hundreds of models they manufacture and the thousands of suppressors in their inventory. Why deal with someone who only carrys 1 brand of can?

To take advantage of our LEO Purchase Program, just visit, in the upper right of their main page, click on the [Set Preferred Location] which will display a drop-down list. Under our FFL/SOT listing *Movie Gun Svcs Co.* click [Set as preferred] and when you finish shopping, just as soon as the Form 3's are approved, your purchases will be shipped to us in as little as 45 days.

Upon our receipt of your ‘Suppressor(s)’ we will prepare your BATFE Form 4 documentation, and send them to you completed expect for your finger print cards and photos. You’ll need 2 completed cards and 3 Passport sized photos for each item being transferred. A $200 check or Credit Card Authorization and your certification that you’ve sent the third copy of the Form 4 to the CLEO of your area of Residence.

Silencer Shop 
Silencer Shop SilencerShop
Silencer Shop 
Silencer Shop Silencer Shop
Silencer Shop 

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