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Individual Officer Sales

Law Enforcement Pump
 & Semi-Auto Shotguns
Law Enforcement Handguns / Rifles / Carbines
Pre-68 /Pre-86 Machine Guns, SBR's, SBS's, AOW's, Suppressors transfers to New York LEOs
Occupation Exempt  §265.20(1)(b) Police/Peace Officers can personally own NFA Firearms and Suppressors. You do not need a CLEO signature on your Form 4, you just have to notify them that you've submitted your forms to BATF for transfer. Need more info? Call us for the straight skinny.

We provide this service to those who work within the boundaries of the state of New York as one of the entities detailed in NYS CPL as police officers, peace officers and federal law enforcement officers. Active and retired can take advantage of this special offer. If you are still working as a Cop/Corrections Officer/Deputy or have retired and received a retired Police, Peace or federal law enforcement Pistol License, and you have an up-to-date retiree ID card issued from your old job, you can purchase at a significant savings from us.
All three of the above listed manufacturers truly appreciate your years of serving and protecting. They have programs in place where you can purchase one of their products (once in one calendar year) at better than wholesale.

As the leading distributor of firearms to law enforcement, ATT-Tactical has a long and close relationship with the men and women who faithfully protect and serve our communities. That is why we now offer a special Individual Officer Program. We realize that many in law enforcement have the option, or are required, to purchase their own DUTY weapon. Many also purchase a weapon for off-duty or as a back-up weapon. Our Individual Officer Program provides the very best firearms at special law enforcement only pricing.

This program is open to current full-time and reserve, as well as retired, public safety personnel authorized under law to carry a firearm. This program is designed for members of any NYS state agency, city agency, county agency, municipal (town or village) agency, Multi-states compact authority (NY/NJ/CT). In other words retired officers authorized to carry a firearm under H.R. 218 - The Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act of 2004.

This program ONLY applies to the current law enforcement products offered by the above manufacturers.
It does not apply to commercial products.


Inside New York State:
Individual Police or Peace Officers In NYS: (must provide a correct photocopy of their agency-issued identification card (front & back) as well as a copy of their NYS state driver's license. NYS Police & Peace Officers (P.L.§400 exempt) can pick-up at our facility upon completing ATF Form 4473 and being approved by NICS.

Federal Special Agents & Police Officers: Please call for instructions.

Retired Police & Peace Officers as well as federal LEOs: (must provide a correct photocopy of their agency-issued RETIRED identification card (front & back) as well as a copy of their NYS state-issued driver's license and Pistol license. Retirees can pick-up at our facility upon completing ATF Form 4473, being approved by NICS and presenting a Purchase Coupon issued from their licensing agency.

Outside New York State:
Police / Peace officers may have their weapon shipped directly to their agency in compliance of the conditions set forth in the regulations at 27 CFR 178.134. The purchaser MUST provide a certification on agency letterhead, signed by a person in authority within the agency (other than the officer purchasing the firearm), stating that the officer will use the firearm in official duties, and that a records check reveals that the purchasing officer has no convictions for the misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence. This does not include NFA firearms.

Due to our sales agreement with Beretta Defense / Benelli & Glock, we cannot ship to your FFL for pick-up. Please do not ask.

Liabilities for use and misuse of products and merchandise, and/or injury and/or death resulting from the supplemental usage of such products and merchandise that it is utilized with shall not be reassigned. The End-User of the product assumes all moral, civil and criminal liabilities for such usage. For anything else purchased from ATT-Tactical, the End-User also assumes all moral, civil and criminal liabilities. By completing the purchase process, the purchaser acknowledges that ATT-Tactical, its parent entity, all its agents, representative’s, employees, interns, stock holders and supplemental assistants, co-production partners, co-manufacturing partners, financial backers and international trading partners, shall not be held liable for any moral, civil and criminal liabilities acquired before, during and after end-user possession.

ATT-Tactical makes every effort to keep abreast of all state and local firearms laws. With over 25,000 laws on the books, this is a monumental task. We try our best. Some of the products sold by us could be restricted for sale in your local area, while not restricted nationally under federal law. This could include, but not limited to firearms, ammo, gun parts, high cap magazines, edged weapons, air guns, etc. You must determine your right or privilege to purchase, own, use or resell specific items offered by us in your jurisdiction prior to submitting your order request. As local laws are constantly changing, it is your responsibility to determine if a product is prohibited before ordering from us. You warrant by ordering from us that you are a SWORN Police/Peace Officer with Powers of Arrest and are without any legal restrictions from ordering and are complying with all state, local and federal laws when doing so. Please check your local laws before engaging in the purchase process.

Please do not contact us for legal advice regarding possession of anything we sell. We are not a law firm and therefore are not allowed to dispense any legal advice. Any communications had with any ATT-Tactical personnel are to be considered as guidance only. For definitive answers, contact your local BATFE office or state Attorney General or your local District Attorney. That’s what they’re paid for.

This advertisement is not intended to solicit sales, nor will orders be accepted or fulfilled from any state or jurisdiction in which possession, receipt or advertisement of any item contained herein is prohibited by law.

-HR 218-

On July 22, 2004, Congress passed and the President signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (the "Act"), Pub. L. No. 108-277, 118 Stat. 865 (2004), codified at 18 U.S.C. §§ 926B and 926C. With certain limitations and conditions, the Act exempts active and retired "qualified law enforcement officers" ("qualified LEOs") from state laws and local ordinances prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons.
A person is a retired qualified LEO under the Act if he or she:

  1. was authorized to perform the specified law enforcement functions and held a position for which powers of arrest were granted by statute;

  2. retired in good standing from his or her employing agency (other than for reasons of mental instability);

  3. was regularly employed as a law enforcement officer for an aggregate of 15 years or more before his or her retirement, or retired from service with his or her agency (after completing any applicable probationary period of such service) due to a service-­connected disability as determined by the agency;

  4. has a non-forfeitable right to retirement plan benefits of the law enforcement agency;

during the most recent year, has met state firearms training and qualifications that are the same as the training and qualifications for active duty officers;

  1. is not under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating or hallucinatory drug or substance;
  2. is not prohibited by Federal law from receiving a firearm;
  3. carries a photo identification issued by the agency; and
  4. meets an annual qualification requirement.


In order to be authorized under the Act to carry a firearm, a retired qualified LEO from any governmental law enforcement entity must qualify pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 926C(d)(2)(B), and in accordance with state standards for active LEOs.  Therefore, in addition to obtaining photographic identification, retired peace, police, agents must possess a certification issued by the State in which they reside that indicates that they have, within the last year, been tested or otherwise found by the State to meet the standards established by the State for training and qualification for active law enforcement officers to carry a firearm of the same type as the concealed firearm. Their former employer/agency will not reimburse retired LEOs for any cost associated with this qualification requirement or provide firearm qualification testing for a personally owned firearm.

With respect to the Act's limitation that a qualified retired LEO "is not under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating or hallucinatory drug or substance," each former LEO seeking such qualification annually must meet state standards, if any, regarding alcohol or drug use by law enforcement officers authorized to carry a firearm.

It shall be within LE agency discretion to issue the retired LEO credential called for under the Act.  Should the LE agency (1) make a finding that the subject is not qualified, or (2) enter into an agreement in which the subject agrees that he or she is not qualified, the subject shall not be issued the retired LEO credential described above.

The LE Agency will prepare and issue a photographic identification card for qualified retired LEOs.  Each such identification card shall include the name of the individual, the individual's photograph, an identification number traceable to the bearer, and the phrase "Retired Peace Officer / Retired Police Officer / Retired Special Agent."

This act does not address the method of acquisition or disposition of firearms by and/or for "retired LEOs". As of this moment, NY State Police do not "officially" recognize -HR 218- status of retirees.

Agencies which do not provide HR-218 qualifying "Retired" Identification Cards for it's retirees:
(This list is not all-inclusive and subject to change without notice) If your former agency/Department should be listed here, please drop us an e-mail.

  • New York State Police
  • New York City Police Department
  • FBI
  • DEA
  • CIA

Agencies which do provide HR-218 qualifying "Retired" Identification Cards for it's retirees:
(This list is not all-inclusive and subject to change without notice) If your former agency/Department should be listed here, please drop us an e-mail.

  • Suffolk Co. Police Department
  • Nassau Co. Police Department
  • Suffolk Co. Sheriff's Office
  • US Postal Inspection Service

Business hours:

Our offices and warehouse are private and open only to other businesses, law enforcement and military personnel with proof of ID. We are available from Monday to Friday 9AM-3PM. All calls that go to voice mail will be returned during business hours. Calls and emails received after hours will be returned the next business day.

Private Party Transfers:
We accept FFL transfers from other dealers. If you plan on using us as your transferring FFL we do require that you notify us beforehand. This allows us to determine that the firearm sale is NYS compliant, and gives us the opportunity to gather some information including who to call when the firearm arrives. You also might be able to get the firearm for less direct from us so feel free to ask for pricing / availability. 

Ordering a firearm from an out of area dealer will consist of the following: 
1) Provide us with the other parties information in order to verify details about the transaction. 
2) Provide our FFL to the other dealer. We can either Fax or E-Mail it to them (not you). Once these two steps are complete the firearm can be shipped, when it is received by us, we will contact you to set up an appointment to start your paperwork. 

In order to start the paperwork, you will need to have the required documentation: 
• Valid NYS Driver's License - unexpired  • Pistol Permit - unexpiired • Purchase Document issued by your Issuing Agency.
• Law Enforcement ID Card - unexpired

Additional required documentation for handgun sales include:
• Handgun: Proof of residency (Vehicle registration, utility bill, or any government administered document that bears your residence address) NOTE: We will still need to photocopy your Driver's license even if it only bears a Post Office Box. A private party transfer (PPT) is the sale of a firearm between two private parties and must be conducted with both parties present at our physical location.

Firearm Restrictions:

It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure any handgun ordered is listed by exact model number and that the weight, barrel features and magazine capacity match the descriptions on the NYSP certified list
( ).  Any Semi-Auto long guns ordered must not be considered an assault weapon by the State of New York (
NYS Qualified law enforcement officers are exempt from this list.

25$ Dealer Recording of Sale (DROS) + FFL fee (listed below) + NY sales tax of 8.625% (applied to FFL fee AND price of firearm)
FFL Fee for Transfer: 40$ plus 20$ for each additional firearm. You cannot escape the addition of Sales Tax. (Replacement firearms returned under warranty from a manufacturer or distributor exempted.)

NOTE: Sales tax is not due if the firearm is coming from a private party as an occasional sale and the individual is not engaged in the business of selling firearms.

Sales tax and firearms:

Sales Tax must be collected on the price of the firearm (including shipping) if purchased from a business, regardless of whether the other business is in NY or not, this does not apply if purchased from a private party (received by us directly from them and not from another dealer), if it is an occasional sale (need letter stating this). Sales tax is not collected on the FFL fee.

Firearm related policies:

Cancellation/Denial Policy: If you have a firearm on layaway or you have started your DROS and either cancel or get denied by the DOJ, you will incur a 25% or a $200 fee – whichever is less. 

Non-Compliant firearm Policy: If a firearm is shipped to us that is not New York State compliant and can not be legally transferred to you the customer, you will be responsible for shipping costs back to the original dealer as well as a 20$ processing fee. 

Special Order Policy All special orders placed require a 50% payment before order. 

Storage Fees: 10$ per day for firearms left over 60 days without prior arrangement. Items left over 60 days will be considered abandoned property and will be sold for storage fees.

Gunsmith Services

Firearm Cleaning - Breakdown and thorough cleaning of your firearms
Pistol - 60$ + 30$ per each additional pistol
Rifle - 100$ + 45$ per each additional rifle
Additional Gunsmith Services are available, inquire for specific pricing

Applied Tactical Technologies, Inc. PO Box 268, Babylon NY 11702-0268 USA (800)223-1204


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