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We are the quiet company that let's its quality and workmanship speak for itself.

In addition to our own line of mission-specific Spec-Op, disposable/destructible
 Carbon nanotube Weapon Sound Suppression Muzzle Devices, we also handle:
  • GEMTECH - Stocking Dealer
  • YHM - Stocking Dealer
  • SUREFIRE - Stocking Dealer

Weapon Sound Suppression Systems for Law Enforcement Agency sales nationwide & individual LE Officers in NYS

Please see our ATF Ruling 41P page for an explanation of how to purchase as an LEO in NYS - LINK
 We are Law Enforcement Stocking Distributor
We do no civilian sales.
All models are in-stock and formal demonstrations can be arranged as schedules permit.

Flashy magazine ads, "who's the quietest" competitions, fancy trade-show booths of the want-a-be's are no match for NSN part numbers,
loyal Spec-Ops operators and numerous world-conflict resolutions.

From the island of Grenada to the palaces of Baghdad, our units have quietly worked un-noticed, to insure our freedom.

As a government provider of durable, reliable technology for black-ops and others who require absolute anonymity, we have been the contractor of choice. We began operations in 1994 with primary focus on developing a general line of high efficiency, end-user friendly weapon systems. By 2004 we had introduced a dozen or more systems to the law enforcement market in a wide range of calibers. 

By 2009 we became known domestically and internationally in the counter terrorist and special warfare community, and had begun successfully completing contracts for these users.

We have provided suppressed weapons systems to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps. We have supplied suppressed weapons systems to major law enforcement agencies, and such diverse groups as the U.S. Department of Interior, the Department of Energy, Federal and State correctional facilities.

In addition to State of the Art silencers, we also offer an excellent line of bolt action rifles and accessories.

We have extensive list of satisfied clientele from both Government and Law Enforcement sectors.

 Call us with your requirements

If your clientele is mostly from the secret-squirrel community, you can't very well blow your own horn in print ads.
That's a quick way to loose the business of the three letter agencies.

Agency employees and contractors alike, rely on our products to get the job done.



Custom work available. Off-Shore sales available. Restrictions apply.

All sound suppressors require some degree of maintenance if maximum efficiency is to be maintained. Those units which are sealed are built from 100% type 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel and are designed for maintenance and cleaning without disassembly. Suppressors designed to be disassembled for maintenance are supplied with necessary specialized tools. All suppressors manufactured by our suppliers come with detailed instructions providing complete operation and maintenance instructions.

A sound suppressor is designed to be most effective with a given firearm and cartridge. The main purpose of a sound suppressor is to reduce the muzzle blast, which is the most significant portion of the noise. Muzzle blast is caused by high pressure gases suddenly escaping from the end of the barrel into the atmosphere as the bullet exits. Reducing the pressure results in less sound generated. Pressure is reduced by increasing the volume for gas expansion, reducing the gas temperature (cooling), delaying gas exit through trapping and turbulence, and by a combination of these technologies. How well a given suppressor works on a given weapon depends on how efficiently these goals are accomplished.

There are two basic types of suppressors. The most common, and oldest, historically, is the muzzle suppressor which is attached to the muzzle of a firearm. The other type of suppressor is the integral suppressor, which is built around the barrel of a firearm. When using an integral type suppressor the barrel is modified for velocity control. With today's technology, muzzle suppressors are comparable to integral suppressor efficiency. The prime advantage to the integral type suppressor is velocity control of marginally supersonic projectiles, such as the .22 rimfire or conventional 9mm ammunition. The main advantage of the muzzle suppressor is that it can be moved from weapon to weapon and does not require dedicating the firearm to the suppressor. All our suppliers build both muzzle and integral suppressors.

All sound level data gathered by our firm is accomplished utilizing the B & K Model 2209 sound level meter with the B & K Model 4135 1/4" pressure microphone. This is a system that is approved by the U.S. Military for measuring firearm noise. We do not publish dB data, nor do we apologize for this policy. We have been frequently deceived by this data. If experts can be deceived, users are likely to be deceived as well.

The problem with the decibel is that it expresses a pressure level of sound, and gives no insight as to the "quality" or frequency of the sound. Very often we have seen cases where the meter claimed that device A was more "quiet" than device B. However, observers unanimously agreed that device B sounded more quiet. We do consider data produced by our meter, but we are more interested in how the device sounds.

We strive to design our suppressors so that they cause the fired shot to sound "unlike" or "not characteristic" of firearm noise. We are aware of several units produced by other companies that do, according to the meter, produce less noise than our device of similar nature. However, when these devices are compared in real world live fire tests our devices are noticeably more pleasant to the human ear. Several well known silencer aficionados have observed these tests and agree with our attitude toward the decibel. They say our suppressors have the "sweet sound". A good example of this "deception" is the comparison of sound between a .308 caliber rifle and a .300 WIN MAG rifle. The meter will tell us that both rifles produce the SAME decibel level of noise. Upon firing these rifles, however, we would all agree that the .300 WIN MAG sounds louder! What the decibel meter doesn't tell us is that although both rifles produce the same peak sound pressure level (SPL), the .300 WIN MAG holds its peak duration longer. In other words, remains at full sound value LONGER! The .308 goes to peak and falls off more quickly!

Our experience has been that a few unscrupulous manufacturers have published false data in order to appear "competitive".

In an armed engagement, the first few seconds are often critical. Suppressed systems allow US assets to engage the enemy without giving away their position. During combat at night with our night vision devises, we own the night until we pull the trigger. Without suppressed systems, the enemy will fire at our muzzle flashes and inflict casualties without the need for night vision equipment. The goal of our sound suppression products is to achieve the benefits of a suppressed system without changing the balance of the weapon. This implies more than is stated. A well balanced suppressed weapon that is not reliable and accurate is hazardous if not entirely useless. To reach the stated goal, the suppressor design must be mated to the design of the weapon in question. We design suppressor systems for the M-16 and M-2 weapons systems that outperforms existing state-of-the-art suppressor systems in the areas above.

Benefits: The benefits of this technology are several fold.
First, military units would have a force multiplier that would preserve the lives of US troops while increasing their combat effectiveness. We accomplish this by decreasing flash and creating a linear source of sound, which both contribute to reduced location identification, with minimal effect on accuracy and reliability.
Second, civilian police in SWAT situations would be able to distinguish the gunfire of fellow officers from that of hostiles.
Third, high frequency hearing loss, a major cause of disability in military and police, would be markedly reduced.



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