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A True Water-Environment Ballistic Protective Vest System




OPTION A: The State Department Vest - MBV-NB Neutral Buoyant Ballistic Vest

If your team operates anywhere near or on the water, then this is YOUR tactical vest.
Constructed of the finest materials available, our M.B.V. is designed and intended for water-borne operators.

  • U.S. Navy Fleet Force Protection teams

  • Naval Special Warfare units, including Special Boat and SEAL Delivery

  • Naval Harbor Defense units

  • U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement teams and port security units

  • Port Police Water Patrol

  • Sea Coast-locale Police Department Marine Units

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 1A005 /  CCL Exempt EAR99

Our Ballistic material (Dyneema® & Twaron®) specially treated to be impervious to salt water degradation. The panels meet or exceed the NIJ 0101.06 requirements. The material's fibers do not absorb water (24 hour salt water emersion tested)
This system meets or exceeds the FBI / DEA / Navy Surface Warfare Test Protocols.

Level IIIA Performance:

  • Aerial Density: 1.10 psf
  • Panel Thickness: .25"
  • 9mm V50/V0: 1876fps / 21mm
  • .44mag V50/V0: 1656fps / 38mm
  • 9mmWin 127gr SXT+P+

The vest is a true break-away design with a
 single protected disengagement pull-tab

Special Threat V50 Performance:

  • Winchester Ranger 9mm 127grain SXT +P+: 1834fps
  • Speer Gold Dot .357Sig 125 grain: 1794fps
  • FNH FN5.7x28mm (SS195): 2232fps

The vest separates at shoulders and at the rear cummerbund. Escape from your vest if you've fallen overboard.

In addition to the above: this panel meets the following
US Military Fragmentation Requirements for WET V50

  • RCC 2gr:     2725fps
  • RCC 4gr:     2429fps
  • RCC 16gr:  1994fps
  • RCC 64gr:  1697fps

    MBV without rifle plates MSLP $ 3247.50

    As low as $2100 each in volume

The ballistic panels are sealed inside a water-proof bag and adds no weight to the wet operator.
Level III Neutral Buoyant Rifle Plate

These Ultra-light plates are certified to protect against rifle fire as "Stand-Alone" - Full protection up to level three threats when used with a Level IIIA vest, and will defeat multiple spaced hits as per NIJ standards of:
7.62 mm NATO USM. BALL M80 150 grains projectile @ 2750 ft/sec 5.56 mm NATO USM. BALL M855 62 grains projectile @ 3050 ft/sec 5.56 mm NATO USM. BALL M193 55 grains projectile @ 3250 ft/sec  Will defeat single hits of higher lead-core threats.
Weighs under 3.5 lbs each.
NIJ 0101.06 Certified and Listed on JustNet
UHMWPE/SIC Hybrid ICW Rifle Plate MSLP $1012.00

As low as $550 each in volume

UHMWPE = Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Multi Curved UHMWPE with Alumina.
10 X 12 Inch Shooter-Cuts w/wear resistant outer cover

If you need positive flotation where you may find yourself knocked overboard while wearing a fully-loaded tactical vest (magazines, gas mask, flash-bangs, radio, Level IV Rifle Pates, etc.) we can now offer the TFSS (Tactical Flotation Support System) as an up-fit to our neutral-buoyant Maritime Ballistic Vest (MBV).

AUTO-TFSS For Tactical Ballistic Vests

 The Tactical Flotation Support System (Patent Pending) ™

AUTO-TFSS, designed by PECI Flotation, L.L.C, is an inflatable aid-to-flotation device specifically designed for covert war fighters, combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel. It can also be used with the Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device (HABD) during egress from a submerged vessel of any type. We have adapted the system to our Maritime Ballistic Vest system for America's Law Enforcement.

The AUTO-TFSS was designed to provide 45lbs positive buoyancy in seawater at a depth of 33 ft., 57lbs of positive flotation at a depth of 15 ft., and 80lbs of flotation on the surface, allowing today’s law enforcement / war fighter a maximum load-out of equipment.

If your ship-boarding team member gets knocked or shoved overboard, they now can survive even if weighed down with a 30lb tactical vest, helmet and sidearm.

Each AUTO-TFSS system consists of one each independent left and right hand units, which can be mounted on a belt. Each unit includes a welded flotation bladder, an inflation system, a pouch closure system, a pouch, and a firing handle. The bladder is a reusable welded fabric enclosure that deploys under the arm and is readily collapsed and stowed for future use. The inflation system utilizes a manually actuated CO2 cartridge for primary inflation and an oral inflation tube for secondary inflation. The AUTO-TFSS pouch uses a unique Grommet, Loop, and Pin (GLP) closure system design that combines positive closure of the pouch with space efficient packing. This method prevents accidental pouch opening and allows for the smallest unit size when fully packed (approx 6.5" x 2.7x 2.25"). A durable Cordura flap to further protect against damage and inadvertent actuation covers the entire closure mechanism. The system attaches to a MOLLE cummerbund on the Tactical Vest or to a MOLLE Battle Belt 

The AUTO-TFSS pouch contains and protects the bladder, inflation system, and closure system. It includes a waist belt loop and clip loops to secure the pouch to the webbing belt. The firing handle attaches to the outside of the pouch and uses color-coded beads to help distinguish left and right hand units. The handle serves to release the closure system and actuate the CO2 inflation system.

To manually actuate a AUTO-TFSS unit, the user pulls upward on the firing handle. This motion initiates two sequential actions. First the pouch closure pins are released, allowing the pouches to open freely. Second the manual inflator lever is actuated, causing the firing pin to puncture the seal on thCO2 cartridges to release the gas and completely fill the bladder. Should the CO2 inflation system fail to operate, the bladder is filled through an inflation tube. This is accomplished by depressing the Oralock valve, the breathing into the tube.

Gas is released from the AUTO-TFSS bladder by pressing downward on the Oralock valve and forcing the air out the oral inflation tube. Once all of the gas is evacuated from the bladder, the CO2 cartridges are replaced, maintenance is performed, and the units are repacked for future use.

This system adds $500 to our MBV cost.


the NCIS Field Office Choice

MBV-PF Positive Flotation Ballistic Vest

Ergonomic design for shipboard operations

  • Full overlapping side protection
  • Four point closure for secure fit
  • Side-Zippered front and rear plate pockets
  • Two piece ballistic neck & throat Protector
  • PALS / MOLLE system
  • Submarine straps
  • Heavy duty drag strap
  • Removable flotation collar
  • Integrated Water actuated rescue Light
  • Pull down IR/VL Reflective tabs (3)

Integrated Flotation features

  • 73.3 Lbs of positive flotation with Flotation collar
  • 37 Lbs of positive flotation without Flotation collar


  • Outer Carrier material: Water repellent, wear resistant polyamide/polyester with anti-flammable finish
  • Buoyancy material: Cellular foam polyurethane
  • Closures: Speed Buckles
  • Lining: Polyurethane coated polyamide

MSLP $ 3570 - As low as $2999 in volume
  • Coast Guard Boarding Teams
  • Police Harbor Patrol
  • Sheriff’s River Patrol
  • Port Authority Police
  • Waterfront Commission
  • State Police Maritime Units

The detachable Flotation collar is intended to keep an unconscious person from tipping over and submerging the head. Detachable via a continuous zipper and front buckles. The Flotation Collar removes quickly.

Submarine straps run from the back of the vest to the front and is intended to prevent the vest from riding up or even slipping off the wearer if rapid entry into the water is necessary.

The ballistic collar folds down when not needed.
 Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 1A005 /  CCL Exempt EAR99 .


Plate pockets accessible from the exterior side via a zipper. This allows for dumping heavy ceramic Level IV or SAPI/ESAPI plates if necessary, to reduce equipment weight once an overboard condition is called
ACR HemiLight Survivor Light Automatic Strobe (see specs at bottom). LED light activates when in contact with salt or fresh water and can be deactivated by sliding the switch to the off position. • Water-activated LED flashing survival light with manual deactivation switch • Meets USCG (161.112/68/0 & 161.012/69/0) and SOLAS IMO (T.C.153.080.) requirements • Attachment loops accommodate up to 5 cm (2 in) wide webbing • Rounded edges to maintain integrity of inflatable life jackets • Smaller than other approved lights • Highly visible flashing LED light • Marine tough design for years of useful service
Velcro tabs pull-down and flip-up to expose Visible light/IR Reflective patches.

ACR HEMILIGHT SPECS: Weight: 1.9 oz (55g) Battery: Non-hazardous lithium. 5 yr life (not replaceable) Meets DOT and IATA rules for safe transport Material: Polycarbonate Activation: Automatic when in contact with water (fresh or salt), deactivate via manual switch. Waterproof: Water tight to 30 ft ( 9.14 m). Meets IMO standard Beam Angle: All directions of the upper hemisphere. Operational Life: Exceeds 8 hr. requirement. Typical operational life of 16 hrs. Operating Temp: +30° F to +86° F ( -1° C to 30° C). Stowage Type: -22°F to + 149°F (-30°C to +65°C). Approvals: USCG SOLAS, Transport Canada Approved: MED SOLAS Limited Warranty: 1 year
ATT-Tactical MBV-PF

The Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF), located in Natick, MA, is a government owned and operated laboratory that provides the US Navy Sailor with advanced technological solutions to their clothing and equipment needs. NCTRF’s team of textile technologists, clothing designers, scientists and engineers design and develop dress uniforms, working uniforms, and protective clothing worn by Navy personnel.  The team conducts research, development, test and evaluation, and engineering support of materials and clothing systems to provide the Sailor with advanced ensembles that protect against threats such as fire and steam, heat and cold stress, ballistic impact, water immersion, and chemical agents.  NCTRF also provides technical support to the Defense Logistics Agency – Troop Support and the Navy Exchange Command throughout the procurement process and the life cycle of clothing and textile items.

 NCTRF employs 32 civilians as part of the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) and is co-located at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier System Center, 20 miles west of Boston.  In addition to NAVSUP, NCTRF conducts uniform and protective clothing RDT&E for other Navy Commands, other military services, and other government agencies.

Mission of the Laboratory:

To maximize the Quality of Life for Navy Sailors through uniform and protective clothing development and sustainment.


NCTRF’s Clothing and Armor Design Laboratory is fully equipped with Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and state of the art industrial sewing equipment.  Extensive fiber and material testing and analysis is conducted In the Textile Performance Laboratory, including durability, breathability, color measurement and retention, soil release, cut resistance, and water repellency.  The effects of thermal energy, such as heat, direct flame, and steam, are also evaluated to predict potential burn injury.  In the Biophysical Laboratory, NCTRF scientists and engineers conduct evaluations utilizing instrumented manikins within controlled climatic chambers to evaluate materials, garments, footwear, gloves and mittens, helmets, personal heating or cooling systems, and sleeping bags to predict performance in a variety of work/clothing/environment scenarios.  Studies to determine the effects of water immersion in both standing and moving water are conducted in the unique Hydro-Environmental Chamber with Wave Generator.

Technology Transfer Mechanisms:

  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)
  • Facility Sharing
  • Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)
  • Technical Assistance
  • Work For Others

Technology Areas of Expertise:

  • Color Measurement of Textile Materials
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Flame/Thermal Assessment (Bench Top and Full Scale)
  • Heat and Cold Stress Assessment in Air and Water Immersion Scenarios, utilizing Instrumented Manikins (Full Body, Head, Hand, or Foot)
  • Textile Performance Evaluation and Analysis
  • Uniform and Protective Clothing RDT&E



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